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Chipped auto glass repair

Chipped auto glass repair is the process of fixing or restoring a chip or small crack in a vehicle’s glass, typically the windshield. It involves repairing the damaged area rather than replacing the entire glass panel. Repairing chipped auto glass refers to a common procedure for repairing minor damage from various causes, such as flying objects, rocks, or minor accidents. During the repair process, a specialized resin is injected into the chip or crack, filling it and preventing further damage. 

Advantages of chipped auto glass repair

Chipped auto glass repair offers several advantages compared to other alternatives, such as windshield replacement. Here are some of the advantages of chipped auto glass repair:

  • Cost-effective: Repairing a chip is less expensive than replacing the entire windshield, especially if the damage is small and can be fixed promptly. The cost of repair is lower because it requires fewer materials and less labor compared to a full replacement.
  • Time-effective: It can be done relatively quickly, usually within an hour or two, depending on the complexity of the damage. Chipped auto glass repair can get you back on the road sooner without the need for extended downtime.
  • Maintains original glass: Repairing the chip preserves the original factory-installed glass, which is often of higher quality compared to aftermarket replacements. It allows you to maintain the original factory-installed glass. 
  • Environmentally friendly: Repairing the glass instead of replacing it reduces waste and promotes sustainability. Repairing the chip reduces waste by extending the life of the existing glass and minimizing the need for new materials.
  • Insurance coverage: Many insurance policies cover chip repairs and waive the deductible, making it a cost-effective solution for drivers. Repairing the chip promptly can prevent it from worsening and requiring a more expensive windshield replacement, which may not be fully covered by insurance.

Get professional chipped auto glass repair at PDX Auto Glass.

Professional chipped auto glass repair refers to the service provided by specialized professionals who have the knowledge, experience, and tools required to repair chips and cracks in auto glass. For professional chipped auto glass repair, choose a reputable and well-established auto glass repair shop or service.

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