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We Provide Professional Auto

Glass Repair Services

Chips or cracks in your vehicle's glass are easy to overlook. Damage from a small stone may appear insignificant at first, but these minor inconveniences can quickly escalate into much larger safety hazards. PDX Auto Glass knows the risks of broken glass, so if your auto glass is damaged, we will assess the situation and use expert judgment to replace or repair it.
Windshield replacement is inconvenient. Smaller windshield fractures can be repaired, but larger breaks and cracks may necessitate replacement. PDX Auto Glass LLC has cutting-edge equipment and experienced technicians to complete...
The calibration of an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) involves the physical alignment, testing, and electronic aiming of sensors that collect data for the advanced driver assistance system in your...
A scratched windshield can make visibility difficult while driving. While most minor scratches can be removed with the right tools, deeper scratches necessitate the services of a glass repair specialist,...
A repair kit's goal is to stop your windshield from further splintering when it flexes due to weather. Additionally, they provide better defense against small road debris than a chip...
You can count on PDX Auto Glass LLC for the best regulator service if you're having trouble rolling your windows up and down. You will receive the service you need...
Pay attention to any cracks or chips in your car's window. It will enlarge over time, no matter what size you currently perceive it to be. Auto glass repair calls...
Prompt repair is crucial because edge cracks propagate quickly under light pressure. Schedule a visit with a windshield and auto glass repair expert at PDX Auto Glass LLC right away...
If your heavy-duty truck's windshield has a chip, scratch, or crack, you need to take care of the issue right away to prevent further damage. Truck windshield repairs and replacements...

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PDX Auto Glass LLC

PDX Auto Glass LLC serves Beaverton and the surrounding areas with full-service auto glass repair, replacement, and ADAS recalibration. We provide a wide range of auto glass services, including rock chip repair, full windshield replacement, and everything in between.

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Our certified professionals have years of experience in the auto glass repair industry and are dedicated to providing an affordable price guarantee with high-quality, fast, and convenient service.

Frequently asked questions

When the sensors or other ADAS items on or in the windshield are replaced or disconnected, auto glass calibration is required. This implies that any time the windshield on an automobile equipped with ADAS is replaced, calibration is required.

If properly repaired, your auto glass may serve you throughout the lifespan of your vehicle. Certainly, all of this is dependent on the technician who is repairing the auto glass on your vehicle.

We can provide windshield replacement, scratched windshield repair, auto glass repair kits, Window regulator service, chipped auto glass repair, edge cracks on glass repair, and even windshield replacement for heavy-duty trucks.

Repairing even minor damage to the auto glass of your vehicle can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour of your time. The response is going to be determined by how complicated the process is.

As soon as possible! The longer you wait, the more likely it is that something will break. Furthermore, more moisture and impurities can enter the chip, making a complete repair more difficult.

Do not wash your car for at least 24 hours after having your windshield replaced. It is strongly advised that you wait at least a few days for the urethane seal to dry. If the auto glass seal has not had enough time to cure, the high water pressure can compromise the seal.

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Auto Glass Calibration

The calibration of an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) involves the physical alignment, testing, and electronic aiming of sensors that collect data for the advanced driver assistance system in your vehicle.